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The Spider's Touch
Blue Satan and Mrs. Kean Mystery, No. 2

by Patricia Wynn

      The year is 1715 and German George has ascended the throne of England, while James Stuart, the Pretender, is in France, awaiting news that a rebellion will restore him to the throne of England.

James persuades Gideon, Viscount St. Mars, to return to England to check the progress of the uprising with the Duke of Ormonde. Gideon is in exile, accused unjustly of the murder of his father. His estates and titles are now being held by his cousin. Gideon's friend, Hester Kean, resides at Gideon's home, Hawkhurst, as a companion to Isabelle, who is married to Gideon's replacement. Gideon comes out of hiding to warn Hester about whom she befriends in the Jacobite world. Hester calls for Gideon's help when a murder at a theater box points to Isabelle's brother. They suspect that he is being framed by the Jacobites.

The second in the Blue Satan Mysteries has been re-released, marking the return of Patricia Wynn to the ranks of writers of historical mysteries. This is a delightful sequel to The Birth of Blue Satan. It has an intricate plot, filled with intrigue, mystery, suspense and romance. There is a web of cross-motives and dangerous political machinations. The author has successfully evoked the spirit of the people and places of this time. Much research has been done to make this an authentic historical saga that is exciting and engaging. Hopefully, we will read more of Gideon's and Hester's further adventures.

The Book

Pemberley Press
April 2006
Historical mystery [1715 England]
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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