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The Third Princess
Septimus Severus Quistus Series #1

by Philip Boast

      Septimus Severus Quistus was once one of Rome’s brightest stars, until four years ago when his beloved wife and children were all killed. Now he is searching for vengeance, and for two children, twins, who were supposed to have escaped. Teetering on the edge of suicide, his interest is piqued by the arrival of a beautiful slave girl, asking him to inspect her dead mistress and ascertain that she has not been murdered. But this is not the case, and Emperor Nero wants to seize the vast estate and have all 1313 slaves killed in the arena. Quistus ends up being told to guard a Christian princess who is going back to Britain on a peace mission, but from then on nothing goes as planned...

This is the first in a proposed new series of novels about the cases of Quistus, and anybody who has read Boast’s books before can be prepared for plenty of action and unusual happenings. No, not the supernatural this time, but just the unexpected. Which is very refreshing in this type of genre novel, which can sometimes be rather formulaic. This is really more an adventure story than a whodunit, with plenty of twists and turns in the plot and an admirable economy of words. Book two will possibly be even more interesting; a series to watch out for.

The Book

Severn House
May 2006
Historical Crime [67 AD, Rome, France and England]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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