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Twist and Shout Murder
A Murder A-Go-Go Mystery #2

by Rosemary Martin

      It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod Murder introduced Bebe Bennett, a good Catholic girl from Richmond, Virginia who is thrilled with being in the big, bad city. She is equally thrilled to be working as a secretary for sexy Bradley Williams, who has a new job at the Ryan Modelling Agency. She gets to schmooze with models and even a few stars, but like many other people finds top model Suzie Wexford to be bad news. Worse still, Bradley seems to be her latest catch, while Bebe just gets called "kid". When Suzie is found strangled with the Pucci scarf Bradley bought her and Bradley himself standing over her body, he is hauled off to jail. He doesn't want Bebe to help solve the murder and threatens her with the sack if she does, but this is not going to put her off.

Like the first book, this is a truly enjoyable read. Rosemary Martin has got under the skin of the early 60s, which come to vibrant life with Bebe telling the tale. It was a time when London led, and the "fab" fashions and music were considered to be not just fashionable, but scandalous to many people. Bebe goes to confess her sin when she can, and her dream is of getting married, having babies and looking after her man. It is this that evokes the period more than references to Dippity-Do, The Beatles and Go Go boots, and ensures that there is history along with the mystery. For there is a good tale in here along with the nostalgia, and plenty of red herrings before the dénouement. This is a trip down Memory Lane for all those who can remember the period, and a fascinating social history lesson for anybody else. This is one series I will make sure I don't miss out on - great stuff!

The Book

Signet (Penguin Group USA)
April 2006
Historical Crime [1964, New York]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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