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Wedding Rows
A Manor House Mystery, No. 8

by Kate Kingsbury

      Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh, her staff and the villagers of Sitting Marsh generously join in on the wedding celebration of Priscilla Pierce and Captain Willy Carbunkle. Pictures are taken to immortalize the cheery occasion. Dancing, refreshments and cake are enjoyed by all - even Martin and Rita Crumm -- but it's Rita Crumm's fancy cake knife that leaves the lasting impression when it's found in the chest of a visitor.

Lady Hartleigh and Major Earl Monroe lead the way to the body covered in confetti. Constable George tries to keep the murder case contained until the Inspector arrives, but Lady Hartleigh is determined to prove the guilty party does not reside at The Manor House. The path of clues weaves back and forth, leading Lady Hartleigh and the readers in various directions.

As always in the Manor House series there is a celebration, a murder, an investigation, and Rita Crumm's Housewives League. This time the League does their part in chasing down the three musketeers who enjoy sabotaging the American soldiers. Poor Rita, will she never learn? The war goes on and the villagers' fear of a a German invasion continues. Even with the Major at her fingertips, Lady Hartleigh is limited to what's really going on with the war.

It's hard to believe this is the next to the last installment in this enjoyable series. I've found each character to be a unique ingredient in an exceptional montage of history and mystery. Sitting Marsh is so quaint, and if not for the War, the village could easily forget the world outside its boundaries. Manor House Mysteries is a cozy series of emotion, mystery, and humor. It will continue to be one of my favorites.

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January 3, 2006
Historical Mystery [WW II]
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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