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When Evil Prospers

by John Washburn

      When a terrorist bomb explodes in the Arlington, Texas football stadium there are many casualties. One of them is Teresa, the beloved wife of Dr. Mark Daltry. Teresa, Mark, and his brother, Andrew were taking a well-deserved break from their medical duties to view a crucial baseball game, when the peaceful excitement of the game was shattered by the violent explosion caused by the terrorist bomb.

Two terrorists were captured: one in London, the other in Texas. The Texas terrorist is beaten while being interrogated by Dallas police... a violation of the Geneva Convention. This issue will be the source of controversy and taken to the UN. From their interrogation, it is learned that the terrorists were aided by Iran, Mexico and Cuba. The U.S. turns over this evidence to the UN for action. The UN is now controlled by the Third World nations. It is rampant with bribery and corruption, a safe haven for terrorists, and is bent on decreasing the US influence in the world.

President Hillman is a dove, and in turning the evidence over to the UN hopes to avoid military action against Iran, Cuba and Mexico. The UN, Cuba, Mexico and Iran repudiate the U S claims and cast the US in the role of using the tragedy to exploit their nations. Hillman's refusal to take direct action frustrates Texas governor, Ed Hood. His state has been attacked; his borders are overrun by illegal immigrants; the Mexican drug cartel is in control of the border. The Mexican president refuses any assistance in controlling the situation. Hood, who was raised under the standard of God, country and family is a hawk, and when he is given no assistance from the President, determines to bring in his National Guard to minimize the illegal activity. All points of entry are closed; no one leaves and no one comes over without documentation of citizenship or legality.

Mark desires action of some sort to combat those people who violated his private life. His days of practicing medicine are replaced by a mission to help fight against those who slaughter the innocent. America is in trouble and heading for disaster. He and a small group of Texans prepare for the first strike. Events escalate, causing a change in the political future of some and causing a division in the country. Only strong leadership brings about the beginning of the healing of the nation.

To me the book is a platform for the author's views on the decline of social and spiritual mores of the country and its people, and the need for a few good men to take control to bring the country back to its high standards... men of purpose with the help of God. The characterizations are strong with detailed backgrounds which show the influences in their lives. There is considerable stress on the need to have faith in God in all endeavors. The views of the author are presented in a strong and clear manner. You may not agree with all of them, but you do understand what he is saying and are challenged by them. The premises brought forth in the book are alarming to contemplate, and hopefully the future will be brighter. A fascinating read.

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Tate Publishing
Aug 8, 2006
Trade paperback
Christian suspense
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2006
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