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Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye
Agatha Raisin series #18

by M C Beaton

      Despite the fact that it is only the beginning of October, Agatha Raisin is dreaming of a white Christmas. The sort of Christmas that involves her friends gathered around a large table, eating a sumptuous spread and James Lacey under the mistletoe. Fortunately, she has other things to do first such as hiring a new member of staff, and finding out why old Mrs. Tamworthy thinks her family wants to kill her.

Here is another entertaining case for Agatha Raisin, and while we welcome the sight of familiar old faces there are some new ones too. There is also an enjoyable and fairly convoluted mystery for her to solve, a new assistant, and various old plot strands to pick up and do something new with. In short, this is the usual high standard and the sort of book that gives the sub genre of cozy mysteries a good name. However, I had envisaged murders taking place at Christmas time so I was surprised to find out that this all takes place rather earlier in the autumn, with the actual Christmas part almost seeming as though it belonged in a different novel. But this notwithstanding, here is another enjoyable entry in this fine series - more please!

The Book

Constable (Constable & Robinson)
14 November 2007
Crime [Contemporary, Cotswolds, UK]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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