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Agatha Raisin and The Day The Floods Came
Agatha Raisin Series #12

by M C Beaton

      Following the events of Agatha Raisin and the Love From Hell it is no surprise "our Aggie" wants to go away and forget it all. She ends up on Robinson Crusoe Island and despite choppy flights and other problems she enjoys herself with some engaging people. There is even a murder - but after she has left and only communicated via email. But when Carsely floods a similar murder happens, and a bride-to-be is found drowned in her wedding dress. It is up to Agatha to put boredom at bay and find out whodunit, but she has something else to think about too in the shape of a new neighbor!

More pin-sharp observations on modern life and its vicissitudes with one of my favorite sleuths. Agatha is so delightfully human, and this book is also filled with what I like to find most in a detective story - a detective story. The background stays where it should be, and spiced with plenty of humor and wry observations on life the mystery is gradually unraveled. I would have preferred it if the murder of the woman she had seen on vacation had had anything to do with the Cotswolds murder but this is my only, minor gripe. This series probably ought to be available on prescription - highly recommended and amazingly fresh and original every time.

The Book

Constable (Constable & Robinson)
September 2006
ISBN13: 9781845293789
ISBN10: 1845293789
Contemporary Crime - South Pacific and Cotswolds, UK
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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