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Blonde Faith
Easy Rawlins Mysteries #10

by Walter Mosley
Michael Boatman (Narrator)

      The tenth, and what Mosley says is the last, of the Easy Rawlins thrillers is a return to the masterful writing which first introduced us to the character of Easy Rawlins in Devil in a Blue Dress.

Easy has always been a man who was too smart, too strong, and too unwilling to accept his place. A black man in Los Angeles in the 1950s and 1960s who has little formal education but a mind as sharp as any man's, he has gone from school janitor to private investigator. He owns two homes. He has an adopted family which he loves, including Jesus, a boy he saved who has grown into a man and given him a grandchild. He has also let the only woman he ever really loved get away because he allowed his pride to be more important than his heart.

At the beginning of Blonde Faith, Easy finds himself with Easter Dawn dropped on his doorstep. Her father, Christmas Black, a veteran of Vietnam and a former Special Forces officer, has disappeared. And Mouse, Easy's best friend and stone killer, has also gone missing. Etta, Mouse's wife, asks Easy to find him. It seems the police have it in their head that Mouse murdered Perecles Tar, and the word on the street is they're going to use this suspicion as an excuse to kill the man.

Easy goes looking for Mouse, and soon it's apparent to him that first of all Perecles Tar isn't dead. Secondly, Mouse's sudden disappearance is definitely related to Easter Dawn's appearance on his doorstep.

Easy finds himself being questioned by an Army officer who offers him money for information on Christmas. Then he meets a white woman named Faith who is also in hiding, who’s connected to Christmas’s disappearance.

As the bodies pile up, and the peril to Easy and his family grows, he is also struggling with the knowledge that Bonnie is going to marry the African prince she has been living with since he tossed her away.

Easy finds Perecles. He finds Mouse. He finds Christmas. He solves all the mysteries, but one. He cannot solve the mystery of how he is going to live now that Bonnie is truly gone from his life forever.

The book is fast-paced, funny, emotionally powerful, and brilliantly narrated by Michael Boatman. It will leave you breathless, but it will never really leave you.

The Book

Hachette Audio
October 10, 2007
Unabridged Audiobook 6 CDs / 7 hrs.
1600240429 / 978-1600240423
Fiction / Mystery
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