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Constable Along The Trail
Constable series #32

by Nicholas Rhea

      Fans of Heartbeat will be rejoicing to see this book (first published in 2005) out in inexpensive paperback! If you are wondering what the fuss is all about and wish to know more this is the work of Nicholas Rhea, aka Peter N Walker whose long career as a rural bobby is catalogued in the pages of his Constable series of books. This thirty-first entry has an assortment of stories about trails. Why is there a coffin lying empty on the moors? Who is putting sums of money through the letterboxes of needy people? Loveable rascal Claude Jeremiah Greengrass has a genealogical problem to ponder that involves tidying local graveyards and there are tales about a ghost, the legend of Witch Hill and a miser who faked his own death rather than attend his 90th birthday party.

There are lots of reasons to enjoy this book of anecdotes. Itís relaxing for one thing, miles away from todayís policing methods and recalls an age when a "bobby" had more pleasant duties than just sorting out crimes. As a lover of the beautiful North York moors I enjoy reading about them, and the author is adept at conveying their beauty in his writing. It is social history too, recalling paper chases, old laws, sayings, bits of local history and a time well within many adultsí memories that is so different to today. Itís easy to see why this series (both in book form and on TV) has been running for so many years and, perhaps best of all for a series you can start reading it at any book you like!

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The Book

Robert Hale
October 2006
ISBN-13: 9780709081265
ISBN-10: 070908126X
Historical Crime 1960s, Yorkshire, England

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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