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A False Mirror
Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery, No. 7

by Charles Todd

     Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge has returned from war in France haunted by the carnage and his order to execute one of his own men, Hamish MacLeod. He carries with him in his subconscious the voice of Hamish. He is sent to the seaside village of Hampton Regis to defuse a hostage situation. Stephen Mallory, who served under Rutledge, is suspected of assaulting his ex-lover's husband. He demands Rutledge's presence before he will release his ex-lover and the other hostage, her housekeeper. Mallory feels he will only get a fair hearing if Rutledge handles the situation. He claims he is innocent and is afraid of being railroaded for the crime he didn't commit. Rutledge is reluctant to undertake the situation, having had negative dealings with Mallory during the war. He must identify the person responsible for the assault and the two subsequent murders. He fights against the suspicions of the local police and his own prejudices.

The feelings of Rutledge resulting from his service at the Front in World War I are portrayed with depth and sympathy. It is an excellent portrayal of the aftereffects of the war. The atmosphere of the small town and its people in post war World War I is pictured in depth. This is an excellent psychological suspense story with a surprising climax.

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The Book

William Morrow
Jan 2007
Historical Mystery - post World War I England
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2007
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