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The Green Mill Murder
Phryne Fisher series #5

by Kerry Greenwood

      That irrepressible Twenties flapper and private detective Phryne Fisher is back for a fifth case involving jazz, dance marathons, another plane trip and a family feud. When a man dancing near her drops dead at the Green Mill, the best dance hall in Melbourne, Phryne is glad of her cool head. But her partner is taken ill at the sight of blood and disappears into the menís room, then disappears altogether. The police want him, naturally - but who else does?

I just canít get enough of these delightful books. They ought to be required reading on any course that teaches writing, as a model of how to write a truly readable book. Ms Greenwood manages to make a leading character sympathetic against all odds, sketch in a historical and geographical background that feels authentic, and pack in a good lively plot ...all in fewer than 200 pages! In this one she gives a sobering and extremely genuine sounding account of Gallipoli and PoziŤres, plus a beautiful description of the bush. There is also a tangible atmosphere of the excitement that early aviation gave people, plus the heady thrill of listening to well-performed jazz. Phryne herself continues to delight, being the sort of person who on the surface might sound decadent, but who is capable, courageous and genuinely charitable to anybody in need. As ever a good-humored mix of the thrilling the serious and the fun, as well as totally un-put-down-able. Miss this series at your peril!

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
April 2007
ISBN-10: 1590582403
ISBN-13: 9781590582404
Historical Crime - 1928, Melbourne & Snowy Mountains, Australia
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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