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by Christopher Klim

      Thomas King grew up in a very small town that basically was going out of business, ever since the cranberry bogs stopped producing crops. The whole town relied on this industry, so when it was gone, everyone in town had to figure out a new way to earn a living. Thomas was the only one able to keep his forest ranger position and this suited him. What better way to become invisible to a world that treated him so badly, than to go off into the forest that he loved so much. Thomas was far from an idiot; he was very intelligent and had an amazing attention to the smallest detail. He was a garbologist! Keep reading and you will learn what this is and what you do to become one.

Claire Wethers, also known as the town drunk, made her living pretending to be a maid at a local motel. She would show up to work each day, she would get her cleaning cart and the keys to the rooms, which mostly were rented by the hour, and proceed to clean. I use this term loosely, as she would straighten up a bit, but never cleaned anything. I forgot to mention, Claire was not always a drunk, and she only became one about a year earlier when her ex-husband took her two children and disappeared!

Itís a moving book and it makes you understand just what a few unkind words can do to a person. As the book progresses, you will begin to dislike many of the key players, but donít worry, the ending will be good for everyone! Enjoy!

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Hopewell Publications
October 2007
Trade Paperback
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2007
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