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In Firm Pursuit

by Pamela Samuels-Young

      From the moment I opened In Firm Pursuit by Pamela Samuels-Young I was drawn into the novel. I love anything legal and this book was a legal mystery mixed with some personal issues. The main character, Vernetta Henderson, is determined to make partner in her law firm, but her current, high-profile case will make or break her career. In the midst of this she has a husband who lives out of town and the subject of his indiscretions is up for discussion.

Ms. Henderson also has a friend, Special, she has to deal with. Special is something else. She wants to help Vernetta solve a mystery of a sexual harassment case turned homicide, and the stakes are high this time when Special is almost murdered. Vernetta is in deep trouble and her survival is the key.

Jefferson Henderson has a secret and her name is LaKeesha, who is determined to have her man. She would do anything to make it happen, and she gets her way when she gives him sexual gratification and blackmails him when he informs her that their sexual imprudence can never happen again. He spends his time trying to keep the truth from his wife, Vernetta. Special finds out and she takes matters into her own hands.

In Firm Pursuit is a page-turner and I enjoyed every page of it. I was in a suspense mode waiting for what was going to happen next. I was enthralled by such a realistic legal novel, and enjoyed the aspects and details of the law. This book gets five stars (*****) and more for a job well-done. The characters are engaging and the length a law firm will go through to hide a scandal is unbelievable. This novel will make it to the best selling list, I guarantee.

The Book

January 1, 2007
Mystery (legal thriller)
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The Reviewer

Carol Ann Culbert Johnson
Reviewed 2006
NOTE: Reviewer Carol Ann Culbert Johnson is the author of I Confess, Rejection, and Articles for the Soul. Coming soon is Torn Between Two Lovers, I Confess 2, Everything and More and Don't Shoot the Messenger. She is also the author of nineteen (19) short stories for the confession magazines.
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