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The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies:
A John McIntire Mystery

by Kathleen Hills

      The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies is a well-plotted, complex mystery novel. The writing is outstanding and the plot is engrossing, creating a story that moves swiftly along.

Kathleen Hills keeps you guessing until the very end - a great mystery!

While raking hay out in the fields on his farm, Reuben Hofer is fatally shot in the head, leaving behind his chronically ill and morbidly obese wife, Mary Frances, along with his four children: Sam, Jake, Claire, and Joey. A family which seems by all appearances to be better off with him gone.

Reuben and his family had only lived in St. Adele, Michigan for a couple of months before his untimely death. The Hofer family didn't socialize and Reuben was an overly strict and overly controlling husband and father who showed no love or compassion to his family. A family that seemed to not mind at all that he was dead.

John McIntire is the town's constable and is working with Sheriff Pete Koski. It should have been simple to discover who killed Reuben Hofer; there were such a limited number of possibilities. But solving this case was turning out to be anything but simple.

Turns out Reuben had been incarcerated just a few miles from St. Adele and after his murder acquaintances of his start turning up. But Constable McIntire can't find that any of them had a plausible motive to murder Reuben.

When Mary Frances is hospitalized, Claire and her younger brother Joey stay with the neighbors, Mia and Nick Thorsen. While Claire is alone at the family's farm tending to the chores and in the barn milking the cow (Opal), someone ransacks the house from top to bottom. Was it the person who murdered her father? Or was it totally unrelated to her father's death? What were they looking for? And what hidden secrets from her father's past would come to light?

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Poisoned Pen Press
December 15, 2007
1590584767 / 978-1590584767
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