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Lipstick and Lies

by Margit Liesche

      Pucci Lewis is the co-pilot bringing a B24 Liberator bomber into Willow Run, Detroit. She is a Women's Air Force Service pilot and has just completed her training as an undercover agent. En route to the office she stumbles across a dead body. FBI agent Dante appears and identifies the corpse as a German spy. The FBI has long suspected a link between Willow Run employees and the imprisoned German agent "Countess" Grace Buchanan Dineer. The "Countess" has made a deal with the government to reveal the other German spies in the area, but has been slow to perform.

Pucci is persuaded to become an inmate in the prison to try to become friendly with Dineeer and learn the details, but this ploy fails. Pucci, following a lead from her incarceration, becomes part of a posh women's club where Dineer had been a consultant. The club may be the center of a spy ring, and Pucci must uncover the truth before any damage can be done to the country at war.

This is a welcome addition to the roster of female sleuths. Pucci is quick-witted, intelligent, loyal and savvy. The history of the Women's Air Force is related in great detail: its development, the problems with their uniforms, and its relation to the other services. This gives a very clear picture of the country in wartime: the search for foreign spies, the stresses of wartime service.

A quick, easy read but well worth its trip in nostalgia...

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
April 9, 2007
Historical Mystery - World War II
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2007
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