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The Lisbon Crossing
A Jack Teller Book, #2

by Tom Gabbay

      The time is the summer of 1940 and Jack Teller has just been asked to assist his friend Lili Sterne to search for her childhood friend Eva Lange in Europe. Lili is a well-known international actress, so her arrival in neutral Lisbon, Portugal is anything but secret. While Jack is trying to help find Eva, he gets caught up in many secrets and lies, even murder. Will Jack be able to get out of war-torn Europe intact?

Jack Tellerís characterization feels real. The dialogue helps portray Jack as a sarcastic, Lucky-smoking guy who is willing to help out a friend in need. What didnít feel real was the setting of Europe during the War. This reader wanted more of the Nazis attempting to overtake Europe and have that play more of a role in Jack's efforts. There is also a romance that feels too fabricated.

The characterization of Lili being an international screen star was interesting, especially when she was dealing with others who knew her based on her movies. The scenes had some humor to them and were enjoyable to read. The plot is interesting and has some surprises surrounding the mystery of whereís Eva. Was Eva found? Alive? Dead?

The Book

William Morrow
April 2007
Historical Mystery [1940 Lisbon, Portugal]
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2007
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