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Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu
Mr. Monk series #3

by Lee Goldberg

      Investigator Adrian Monk wants two things in life: to solve his wife’s murder and to get his police badge back. One dream comes true when the mayor reinstates and promotes Monk to captain of the Homicide Division. Why would the mayor reinstate the obsessive-compulsive detective? Desperation. San Francisco police officers stage a united flu to protest contract negotiations, and the city is left with a diminutive scab force and unsolved murders.

Mayor Smitrovich wants Monk to solve the latest publicized murders committed by the criminal dubbed the Golden Gate Strangler. Monk’s personal assistant, Natalie Teeger, tags along to investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, and carry his bottled water and hand wipes. Monk’s new job brings unexpected benefits for Natalie; she finds herself "playing detective," meeting a cute scab officer, and joining a fellowship of assistants to off-the-wall detectives. Captain Monk needs more help, and he finds himself with three former but problematic officers. The officers string paranoia, forgetfulness, achy bones, and rage into waves of wackiness. Monk tries to do what he does best: make sense of seemingly unconnected events. Self-doubts creep in when Monk cannot see the pattern of all the recent deaths. Did his intuition die with the free pass to police duty? Will Monk solve the unplanned and illogical crimes while dealing with cluttered desks and dust bunnies?

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu is the third in a series by author Lee Goldberg. A multitude of phobias and mental brilliance make Monk an intriguing and loveable character. Natalie’s POV brings kindness and logic in a real world jog to Monk’s rigid mindset. Goldberg adds richness and strength to Monk and Natalie, which will delight Monk television fans and new readers alike. He effortlessly ties up all the loose ends of subplots and conflicts. Readers will love the fun, fast-paced whodunit in Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu. Highly recommended.

The Book

Signet, division of Penguin Group (USA)
January 2007
ISBN13: 978-0-451-22-13-4
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Jennifer Akers
Reviewed 2007
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