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Rattle His Bones
Daisy Dalrymple Mystery, No 8

by Carola Dunn

     Daisy is down among the dinosaurs in her eighth case, entertaining her stepdaughter-to-be, Belinda, and nephew, Derek, in the Natural History Museum.† This might seem a safe, quiet place to work, but as Daisy interviews the staff for a magazine article, seething jealousy, bitter rivalry, and academic strife seem to be the norm.† Suddenly a crash alerts everybody, and one of the most acerbic curators is lying dead amongst the shattered bones of a pareiasaurus.† It is up to Daisy and her fiancť, Alec Fletcher, to discover the murderer before anybody else adds their own bones to the museumís collection.

First, I enjoyed Ms Dunnís descriptions of this most wonderful institution and her evocative portrayal of academic rivalry.† The addition of a Ruritanian-style Grand Duke puts the cherry on this already well-iced cake, and enjoyment is guaranteed.† Also worth mentioning is the depth of historical research that must have gone into this series; two examples being the ever-present spectre of the First World War and peopleís differing attitudes to and knowledge of dinosaurs.† An absorbing and lively plot, engaging characters, and sense of fun make this one of my favorite series about this period.† Highly recommended.

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Kensington Mystery
March 2003
Historical Crime -1923 London, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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