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Road to Paradise
Third in the Satariano series

by Max Allan Collins

      The year is 1973. Michael Satariano has settled into a good and steady life. At the age of 50 he has now been happily married for thirty years, his son is serving in the army and his beautiful, young daughter is a senior in high school.

Many years ago, Michael was Michael O'Sullivan, Jr. He and his father went on a rampage with the mob. He has chosen to change his name to a more Italian sounding name because he has worked for the mob in a very legitimate way for the past 10 years. He comfortably runs a lodge and casino in Reno, Nevada.

All this changes quickly when first, Michael's son is reported missing in action in Vietnam, and second Sam Giancana, former Mob boss, decides to leave his self imposed exile in Mexico and return to Chicago.

In order for Sam to accomplish this, he orders many hits, some of them on people close to Michael. But then the worst happens, he orders Michael to perform a hit himself. Although he refuses, Michael is framed for the murder and decides the only way out is to turn evidence and join the witness protection program.

The mob does not give up that easily and Michael is forced to fight back, and so the action begins.

Road to Paradise is the third in a trilogy featuring Michael O'Sullivan AKA Satariano. The first, Road to Perdition was made into a movie staring Tom Hanks. Max A Collins, the author, is a Shamus Award winner, which speaks highly of his works. This book, Road to Paradise, does not fail to disappoint. The book could be read as a stand alone but I prefer to read them in order. The background speaks volumes.

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Harper and Torch
November 28th, 2006
10: 006054032X
13: 978-0060540326
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