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Something Wicked
Edward Corinth-Verity Browne Mysteries #8

by David Roberts

      Verity Browne, back from Prague where history is being made, has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her worried fiancť and fellow sleuth, Lord Edward Corinth, arranges for her to stay at a private clinic near Henley-on-Thames. This is a fortuitous place for her to be as Edward is staying with an old friend from his Happy Valley days and investigating a murder - or rather four of them. Three of them might be natural causes or suicide, but his dentist has definitely been murdered and straight after telling him about the other three deaths.

We all know by now that practically nobody can describe the events and atmosphere like Mr. Roberts, but now we at last see an example of his plotting. Things are at a hiatus although war seems inevitable, but there is a mystery to be solved in here and some classic era style sleuthing as Edward noses around Henley and other places trying to find out whodunit and why. Of course, this is not all that this book contains. We are treated to a brief but pithy description of life in Kenya during the 20s and 30s, the final regatta before the war is already being seen by observers as a period piece and part of history, and we get a glimpse of how feared TB was in those days. Add to this a fight scene involving a statue, inventive use of a dentistís drill, and a brief but glorious description of a flight in a Tiger Moth. The whodunit wonít tax anybodyís brain but there is so much else in here that it wonít spoil your enjoyment.

The Book

Constable (Constable & Robinson)
25 October 2006
Historical Crime [1938 England, Henley-on-Thames]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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