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What's a Ghoul To Do
A Ghost Hunter mystery

by Victoria Laurie

   M J Holliday is a psychic hired by Dr. Steve Sable to find what happened to his grandfather. The grandfather apparently committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the family lodge. Sable doesn't believe it to be suicide. He is suspicious of events which have been happening at the lodge. M J agrees to investigate. With her partner, Gilley Gillespie, she goes to the lodge for the weekend to try to contact the ghost of Sable's grandfather. M J contacts ghosts who won't talk to her and are playing tricks on the two of them. It is a test of her ability as a medium to figure out why there is so much stress in the psychic world.

This is an unusual subject. It is a fascinating story about ghost-busting, showing the responsibility, integrity and dedication of psychics and the role they play in solving crime. It is a wonderful plot with well developed characters that are true to life. The story is fast paced filled with action, mystery and romance. A delight to read even for those who may have reservations about mediums, psychics and ghosts...

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The Book

April 2007
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2007
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