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When Gods Die
A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery No 2

by C.S. Harris

     It is 1811 and the British monarchy is in a perilous state. The general populace is unhappy with the monarch - the Prince Regent. He is extravagant, dissolute and, to make matters worse, he is German.

In the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, the Prince Regent is found with the murdered body of a Guinevere, the Marchioness of Angless, the beautiful young wife of the aging Marquis. The jeweled dagger that once belonged to Bonnie Prince Charles, now a part of a collection of the Regent, is protruding from her back. The ancient blue stone and silver necklace, which legend says was worn by a Druid priestess, is around her neck. Its last owner was Viscount Devlin's mother, who was lost as sea.

Lord Jarvis, cousin of the Prince Regent, persuades Sebastian St Cyr, Lord Devlin to investigate the Marchioness's death, to prove that the Prince Regent is innocent, and avert public disaster.

Devlin with the aid of his actress lover, Kat Boleyn, and his servant, a reformed pickpocket, delves into the world of royalty and the London underworld, trying to learn the truth of Guinevereís murder and the truth about his motherís mysterious death. His search leads them into a world of ambitions and intrigues, which threaten not just Sebastianís life but that of the monarchy.

This is a well researched tale of political intrigue and conspiracy. It is rich in detail and successfully evokes the spirit of the people and the place in that period. The story is fast moving and full of suspense. The characters are vividly portrayed with a very charismatic hero, whom we hope to see more of in the future.

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The Book

NAL / Penguin Group
November 7, 2006
Historical Mystery - Regency England
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2007
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