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At Some Disputed Barricade
World War I series # 4

by Anne Perry

      This is the continuing saga of the three Reavleys in July 1917.  Judith as an ambulance driver is stationed at the Front.  Joseph, an army chaplain, is with the soldiers at the Front in France doing his best to keep up their morale even in the face of a threat of mutiny.  A British officer, Howard Northup, is killed.  When some of the soldiers are arrested he sets out to investigate what led to Northhup's murder.  In the meantime his brother, Matthew, a British Intelligence officer, continues his search for the mastermind "Peacemaker" who plots to align the British with Germany to end the war.

This is a story of simple bravery, arrogant incompetence and international intrigue.  The descriptions of World War I conditions in the trenches are powerful and moving.  The horrors, the filth, the heroism in the trenches are vividly portrayed.  The sense of place and time are excellent, rich in historical detail. This book takes a slow journey through the sad faraway time of World War I .

The Book

Ballantine Books
March 2007
Mystery - World War I England / France
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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