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Blonde Faith
An Easy Rawlins Mystery, Book Eleven

by Walter Mosley

      Los Angeles private investigator Easy Rawlins unexpectedly finds himself entrusted with the care of his old friend Christmas Black’s daughter with no explanation when Christmas drops out of sight. Another friend, Raymond "Mouse" Alexander, has disappeared as well and the cops are looking for him in connection with a murder. Oh yeah, and nobody can find the murder victim either.  Easy knows all of them and understands them well enough to believe that all three have actually gone underground for some reason that mainstream folks wouldn’t fathom.  Rawlins thinks that he can help them but he has to find them first.

Personal problems nag at Easy as he goes about trying to locate the trio.  Bonnie, the woman that he dearly loves but threw out of his life a while back, is now engaged to a Prince and Easy sees his one chance for true happiness slipping away.

The search for the three men takes Easy Rawlins into some serious peril when a couple of military officers arrive on the scene claiming to be representing the government on a mission to track down Christmas Black. The soldiers play rough.

Easy Rawlins is having no luck in locating the missing men but a mysterious woman named Faith just might hold the answers that he needs.

Walter Mosley has this story set in 1967 during the height of the civil rights movement when bigotry and discrimination were just beginning to lose their hold on society. Rawlins occasionally finds himself at odds with the local culture in his quest. It’s just another obstacle in an already impossible situation.

By my count, this is the eleventh book in Walter Mosley’s "Easy Rawlins" series and there are strong hints that Mosley feels that Easy’s story has been told. I certainly hope that this isn’t the end.

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Little, Brown and Company  / Hachette Book Group
October 10, 2007
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Dennis Collins
Reviewed 2008
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