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Blood at the Bookies
Fethering Mysteries series #9

by Simon Brett

      Jude is no stranger to the local betting shop, while of course her neighbor and fellow sleuth, Carole, is horrified when Jude suggests going in. They are only going to place a bet as a favor to an elderly man who is sick with the flu, but then Jude stumbles on the body of a fellow customer outside. The man was a Polish immigrant working at a local pub, and the police think that they have the case well in hand. But it is February, and the intrepid pair can never resist a spot of private investigating.

This is the ninth in the engaging Fethering Mysteries series, and as usual a well filled tale. It is certainly up to the minute with its topic of Polish immigrants, and, as well as both protagonists getting entangled with a man, there is a teasing plot and plenty of satire. There are spot-on portraits of a number of stereotypes to enjoy, as well as a portrait of a ghastly pub that will have readers nodding their heads and laughing. Iíve often observed that it is difficult to have humor and a story, but Mr Brett manages it with practised ease. The plot twists and turns, bringing something new to the case to examine in nearly every chapter. I hope this series just runs and runs.

The Book

Macmillan UK
14 March 2008
0230014577 / 9780230014572
Mystery / Contemporary - Sussex, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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