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The Bourne Sanction
Jason Bourne #6

by Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum™


A Robert Ludlum, heís not. †Eric Van Lustbader has continued to give life to Jason Bourne in his third novel since Ludlum and done a good job in spite of the shoes he had to fill. †Jason Bourne in The Bourne Sanction is leading a once again normal life as David Webb in the beginning pages, but soon finds his return to his true identity boring. †He describes it as "an itch he canít scratch," like an amputee who still feels his missing limb. He just canít forget the past and relax in his newfound life at Georgetown University.

True to form, The Bourne Sanction creates a new international conspiracy to be solved and Jason Bourne is reborn with the help of his colleague, Professor Specter, the only one who knows his former self.

And, so the story begins...

As Bourne investigates the death of a former student, he finds himself the target of assassination by the National Security Agency, in an attempt to do what Central Intelligence never could.

The investigation takes him to Europe, where it picks up the pace and the action goes full throttle. †As he searches for the terrorist murderer, he must evade his own death warrant.

This follow-up to The Bourne Betrayal left me with a feeling that maybe Van Lustbader is either nearing his limit as to what he can create for the character, Jason Bourne, or just getting started. †It didnít have the determination of previous works, but it was still filled with the characteristic action-packed tradition of the series. †This may just be a lull during the transition of the character and hopefully there will be more fierce novels to come. †I suggest you read the previous Bourne novel, The Bourne Betrayal, to reacquaint you with the main story line or characters.

I give it two or three stars, depending on whether Van Lusbader is falling short or forging ahead.

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The Book

Grand Central Publishing
July 29, 2008
9780446539869 / 0446539864
Action Adventure / Thriller

The Reviewer

Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2008
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