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Buried Too Deep
Aurelia Marcellus series #3

by Jane Finnis

      It is now three years after A Bitter Chill (also reviewed on this site) and Aurelia Marcella is now running The Oak Tree mansio with a new housekeeper, following the marriage of her sister Albia.  Her near neighbor is a popular doctor, and people come from miles around to see him, including a farmer who appears to have been stabbed with a sword.  On the coast there is trouble with pirates, and a ship has been wrecked with a cargo of treasure.  Add to that a feud between Roman settlers and a local chieftain and Aurelia has her hands full.

How I love this series - everything historical whodunits ought to be.  Engaging characters that seem of their time, plenty of description, an exhaustive underpinning of period knowledge and a rattling good plot.  There is some low-key romance in here too, treasure hunting, information about Beltane and one of the joys of a series, the chance to catch up with what the characters have been up to.  One drawback in this delight is that there seems to be quite a gap between each book, and at this rate the characters are going to be old before the series is very long.  This is my only complaint however, and as usual the pacing, packed plot and sense of gathering momentum awed me. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
1 June 2008
1590583999/ 9781590583999
Historical Mystery / 98 AD,Yorkshire, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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