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Creation in Death
Eve Dallas Series #27

by J.D. Robb
(AKA Nora Roberts)

      To call J.D. Robb (AKA Nora Roberts) prolific is understating her talents. The high quality of her writing continues in all her personae, and as J.D. Robb she is one of the best writers of crime thriller mysteries ever. Certainly Creation in Death is no exception.

Even if you have never picked up a Lieutenant Eve Dallas novel, you will still find yourself swept away by the plot in this piece of dynamite writing. The futuristic series (this title taking place in 2060,) is powerful and driving. And even if you don't normally care for crime thrillers, the cleverness of J.D. Robb's story-crafting will painlessly pull you into the book. A serial killer is out there; smart, canny, organized and crafty. "The Groom" is taking new brides. As the story unfolds, you will live with Eve's horror at discovering the pattern of The Groom's choices, and having to battle, with billionaire husband Roarke at her side. Her concerns converge at every turn - how to keep Roarke safe, how to stay one step ahead of the devious Groom, and how to protect and serve the citizens of this visionary New York City.

Giving the storyline a personal twist for Eve and Roarke makes it compelling. You get a finer handle on Eve's marriage in this book, while the plot twists which allow you to see some of the activity from Roarke's point of view really give you some insight into their marriage, and Roarke himself. As the readers pick up on the strands of the plot, and discover the design and deviousness of the killer, they will feel their own hearts race, becoming breathless in anticipation. As the police psychologist tells Lt. Dallas about The Groom, "...Death is an accomplishment to him, and a timed cycle, which he has, for nearly a decade we know of, controlled. He doesn't fear his own death, and that only makes him more dangerous."

Right to the last page, the book keeps ratcheting up the tension, encouraging us to figure out the next moves - both Eve's and the horrendously amoral groom. The worst thing about the ending of the book is that it leaves you wanting more, and wishing to understand better the motivations and lives of the protagonists. IF this is your first foray into reading J. D. Robb, now is the perfect opportunity to go back to Naked in Death (the first title) and catch up! But if you have been reading all along, then you, like the rest of us, will have to find one of Nora Roberts' other great titles to entertain yourself with until the next Lt. Eve Dallas adventure hits the stands.

The Book

November 6, 2007
Crime Thriller, Mystery [2060 NYC]
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Laura Strathman Hulka
Reviewed 2008
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