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Deadlier Than The Sword
Constable "Thorny" Deepbriar series #2

by Jean Rowden

      Constable "Thorny" Deepbriar had his debut last year in Bury In Haste (also reviewed on this site) and is now back for more in this entertaining sequel.  This time he has to deal with the dangerous problem of why someone is leaving mantraps all over the place and why a respectable local woman should suddenly rush in front of a truck.  Somebody is sending poison pen letters, and an old friend has come back to the village with his fiancée to get married.  But the happy couple are about to discover that somebody is out to cause trouble.

Any fans of popular TV series Heartbeat or the books by Nicholas Rhea (some of which are reviewed on this site) will welcome this cozy series of a rural police beat.  Ms. Rowden has a good knowledge of this period that comes through all the time, and gives a good factual account of the pastimes, problems and pleasures experienced by the characters.  It also shows the very different mores of sixty years ago, and this forms an integral part of the story, making it (despite being well within living memory) a true historical novel.  The plot is enjoyable too, and something happens on every page, making it an easy but involving read.  I hope this series runs for a good long time.

The Book

Robert Hale
August 2008
0709086059 /9780709086055
Historical Crime [1950s Yorkshire, UK]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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