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Demons Are a Ghoulís Best Friend
A Ghost Hunter Mystery #2

by Victoria Laurie

M. J. Holliday is a ghostbuster. Sheís been asked by her best friend to get rid of Hatchet Jack, a ghost at her nieceís boarding school.

Evie was walking down a deserted hallway when she heard someone following her. Turning she saw a man chasing her with a hatchet. He trapped her in one of the empty classrooms. Cornered, she closed her eyes. Hearing a thunk, her eyes flew open. The man was gone but the hatchet was embedded in the chalkboard next to her head. Evie ran for help. When she and the adults returned there was no sign of the man or the hatchet.

M. J. and her partner, Gilley, leave immediately for the school. When they arrive M. J. discovers three other ghosts, little boys who were killed by Hatchet Jack. Too scared to move on to the afterlife, they remain at the school. Year after year they continue to be chased by their murderer.

Hachette Jack is the strongest ghost M.J.ís ever encountered. First he attacks Gilley. Then when she sends one of the little ghosts to heaven, Hatchet Jack tries to kill M. J.

Does M. J. have a ghost of a chance against this madman?

This is a continuation of a series, but can also be read alone. Itís a great story and I am anxious to read more of this authorís works.

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The Book

Obsidian / Penguin Group
March 4, 2008
Mass Market Paperback
0451223411 / 978-0451223418
Mystery / Paranormal / Fantasy
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The Reviewer

Sheila Griffin
Reviewed 2008
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