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Double Cross
Dr Alex Cross #13

by James Patterson

      A depraved killer throws a woman off the balcony of her DC apartment in front of a stunned crowd. A video tape from the psychopath reveals his performance was for Dr Alex Cross. Cross has retired from the force, but this brings him back to work with homicide detective Brianna Stone, with whom he has developed a relationship.

The killings continue, always in front of an audience, giving the perpetrator the name of "The Audience Killer." The killer always seems to be one step ahead of the investigators.

Added to Cross' worries is the news that Kyle Craig, the insane mastermind killer who was captured by Cross has escaped from the maximum security prison in Colorado. He has a deep hatred for Cross and after going on a murderous rampage sets his sights on Cross. It becomes a terrifying race for Cross and Brianna to apprehend the Audience Killer (who has teamed up with Craig) before the murderous rampage continues.

This is a mind twisting suspense book with masterful plotting. The action is constant with nonstop excitement. There is a fair amount about Alex's family and personal life which helps break the tension. As with all of Patterson's books, this is a fast and enjoyable read.

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The Book

Little Brown and Co.
November 2007
100316015059 / 1397803160509

The Reviewer

Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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