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Double Cross
Alex Cross #13

by James Patterson
Read by Peter J. Fernandez, Michael Stuhlbarg

      Cross's life has finally settled into a safe routine. His only goals these days are to treat his patients, enjoy his children and woo his girlfriend, Detective Brianna. During a romantic getaway, Bree is called back to investigate a bizarre killing. Cross is drawn to the crime scene, and the murderer becomes drawn to him. The killer evolves into a serial killer, and worse, he's all show. In his first murder he uses a red dog leash, a box cutter and deathly screams to draw the mass attention he so craves. The scenes become crueler and grizzlier.

While helping with the murder case, Cross discovers Kyle Craig has escaped from prison. Craig promises revenge on Cross. Now Cross and Bree are caught up in the deadly lives of both killers. Cross' new goal is to bring them to justice and protect his loved ones at all cost. It's a complex, powerful listen. The narration intensifies the dual storylines. If you listen to one Patterson audio book this year, make it this one. Remember your headphones.

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The Book

Hachette Audio
November 13, 2007
Audio CD - Abridged edition 7 CDs / 8 HRs
1600240550 / 978-1600240553

The Reviewer

Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2008
© 2008