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A Fatal Waltz
Lady Emily Ashton series, book 3

by Tasha Alexander

      Emily, Lady Ashton, is attending a party at the country estate of her enemy, Lord Fortescue.  She makes more than one other enemy there too, one of whom is the beautiful and sophisticated Countess von Lange, who turns out to be her fiancé’s mistress.  Colin tells the Countess the affaire is over, but they still seem to mean rather a lot to each other.  Then there is the occurrence that is surely to be expected at all house parties, a murder — the murder of the hated Lord Fortescue.  Lots of people had a reason to want him dead, but the finger of suspicion is pointed at Robert Brandon.  He is hauled off to Newgate, and Emily vows to find out who the real murderer is.

I tried hard to enjoy the first two books in this series (And Only To Deceive and A Poisoned Season are also reviewed on this site) but I didn’t need to try hard with this one — it actually was good!   It had the thrilling grip of Anne Perry, with sinister anarchists lurking in snowy doorways, links to old scandals and corruption in high places, mentions of Mayerling and some remarkably tangible descriptions of Vienna in the winter.  There was a real story in here, with plenty of adventure, color and romance, and pages turned like lightning.  I do hope the rest of the series is going to be like this — I might actually read another to see if the high standard can be maintained.  I do hope so, as this was a really fine whodunit.

The Book

June 2008
006117422X / 9780061174223
Historical Mystery / 1891 London, Yorkshire & Vienna
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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