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Will Trent series #2

by Karin Slaughter

      Abigail Campano returns to her posh home in Atlanta, Georgia to find a dead girl in the hallway, with her apparent killer standing over her body. Thinking the girl is her daughter Emma, an enraged Abigail strangles the alleged attacker.  When the police and Detective Will Trent arrive on the scene it is discovered that the dead girl is Emma's best friend, Kay, and that the alleged killer is Emma's boy friend. Abigail is devastated by her action but still hopeful of finding Emma, who has been abducted.  Special agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,  paired with Faith Mitchell, must find the killer before any harm comes to Emma.  Trent must also fight against Faith, who holds him responsible for her mother's loss of her police career as a result of Trent's investigation into police corruption.

Fractured has a very suspenseful plot with many startling twists before the final outcome.  Trent and Mitchell are both flawed heroes who must come to terms with each other to work together successfully,  The conflict between the two is outstanding.  The characters are all intense.  Abigail also has to come to term with herself for the killing of an innocent individual,  The contrast of Atlanta with the slums, the wealthy areas and the university campus is successfully presented.

The Book

Delacorte Press
July 29,2008
Suspense / Police procedural
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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