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Ghost at Work
Bailey Ruth Mysteries, No. 1

by Carolyn Hart

      It brings cozy mystery readers a ghostly entertaining read...

Bailey Ruth and her husband have been enjoying the Fruits of Heaven—so to speak—for decades when Bailey Ruth decides to get more involved. She joins Heavenís Department of Good Intentions. When Bailey Ruth returns to earth as a ghost, she is watched over by her boss, Wiggins. Wiggins occasionally pops in to remind Bailey of the Precepts (rules). Bailey would love for her first assignment to be Paris, but ends up in Adelaide, Oklahoma. She discovers that a woman who is about to be framed for murder is a relative, and Baileyís job is to protect her. For Bailey Ruth itís a job of mishaps and mayhem.

Characters Bailey Ruth and Wiggins are enchanting. Hartís description of Bailey is as an older, wiser woman restored to her mid-twenties in appearance. She enjoys dressing well and eating. Wiggins is described as a Train Station Master with a round face and thick, mutton chop whiskers. He runs The Department of Good Intentions, which looks like an antique train station. Everything about the series is charming. Carolyn respectfully meshes common sense with whimsy in her descriptions of Heaven, its occupants and their visits to earth, which makes this new series so delightful, not to mention enjoyable.

Author Carolyn Hart resides in Oklahoma. In the mystery, she humbly illustrates her home state instead of over advertising with serious issues, famous sites, or infamous residents. The humble backdrop aptly fits these charming characters and grounds the story. I look forward to future ghostly episodes and getting to know Bailey Ruth and Wiggins better.

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William Morrow
October 21, 2008
0060874368 / 978-0060874360
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Ghost
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