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A Ghost of a Chance
First in a series set in historic locations throughout Southern California

by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

      I found A Ghost of a Chance, by Elizabeth Eagan Cox, to be both refreshing and energizing.  From my point of view, the tale told made me feel as though I was part of the investigation team and I truly enjoyed every word.

Shannon Delaney has come to San Diego California to develop a brochure for the Blackthorne House Mansion. The mansion is being converted into a bed and breakfast, and Sister Rosario has hired Shannon to provide the history behind the mansion and the family that owns it.

Sister Rosario and Shannon go way back, so when this opportunity came up, Sister Rosario knew just who to contact.

From the moment that Shannon arrives at the mansion, strange things begin to happen.  By total coincidence, Shannon meets Alex Blackthorne, the great-grandson of the original owner, Eric Blackthorne.  Shannon and Alex have an immediate attraction to one another, and Shannon soon discovers that Alex has important information about his ancestors that will assist her with her research.  Besides, Alex is not hard to look at, has a great sense of humor, and she enjoys spending time with him.  Shannon is very wary of her instant attraction to Alex. Remember that old saying: burned once, twice shy. She has been there and done that and learned from her mistake.

Another key character of this story is Inspector Francisco.  He is an investigator and is also a relative of the first and only owners of the mansion.  Shannon gets lost trying to find Sister Rosario’s church and ends up at an old country church.  She decides to go in to hear the service that is about to begin.  After the service, everyone gets together in the garden for refreshments, so she decides to stay and enjoy them.  Across the garden, she sees a very handsome man and he notices her as well.  Over walks Zach, the grandson of Inspector Francisco.  What will be discovered on the ranch land that Francisco's family owns, and how does it all tie into the mystery of the Blackthorne’s?

The characters together come to a conclusion about the mystery.. Eric Blackthorne and his lovely wife, Olivia, were murdered way back when, and the investigators have an inkling as to who did it. But the evidence needs to be weighed out and chronologically cataloged for anything to make sense.  The four main characters of this book each have an important role in the discovery of what happened to Eric and Olivia, when it happened, and by whom.

This is a very fast paced eBook worth downloading and reading.  I can't wait for the next eBook in the series to come out early 2009!  Thanks again Ms Cox for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book!

The Book

Write Words, Inc.
July 2008
Cozy paranormal mystery
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2008
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