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The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

by Joshilyn Jackson
Narrated By Joshilyn Jackson

      I really liked this audio book by Joshilyn Jackson. I especially liked that she narrated it herself as she spoke volumes about the story through her emotionally attached and well-crafted rendition. Jackson has a natural ability to read aloud and it made the story come alive on the CD. Her native southern accent was impeccably well-played in the roles of Laurel, the main character, a typical wife and mother, her daughter Shelby, and her aloof sister Thalia. Her slow talking narrative reeled the reader into the story like a cool lemonade come-sit-on-the-porch-on-a-hot-southern-summer's-day offering.

The story begins when Laurel sees a ghost in her bedroom. But it isn't a ghost, as she soon discovers when she investigates the backyard to find a dead girl floating in her pool. It appears to be Molly, her daughter's best friend. This leads to questions about her daughter, Shelby's, involvement and new unanswered questions about the real reason Molly was found in their pool. Police investigators and neighbors write it off as a suicide but Laurel's ghostly experience tells her there is something more to the story. The evidence leads her to her own hometown, Dulop, and reconciliation with her ne'er-do-well sister Thalia. Soon she is discovering many truths in her own past and her daughter's that lead her to family skeletons and to the dead girl's secret.

The story is intriguing and the search and find is like meandering down a long, winding, dusty road. In the end truths are revealed in their seemingly mundane lives that shake the south a bit. The Girl Who Stopped Swimming was a light mystery with charm. In this day of intense drama and hard core crime, this was actually a warm breeze.

The Book

Hachette Audio
March 4, 2008
Unabridged Audiobook 8 CDs / 9.5 hrs
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2008
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