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Interred With Their Bones

by Jennifer Lee Carrell

      Kate Stanley, Shakespearean scholar and theater director, is directing a production of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in the Globe Theater in London. Her former mentor, Professor Rosalind Howard (Roz), also a Shakespearean scholar, arrives asking for her help and giving her a small box which she claims contains a discovery for Shakespearean scholars.

Before she can reveal any further information, the Globe is burned to the ground and Rosalind is found murdered.   To learn the contents of the box, Kate opens it to find a puzzle about a missing Shakespeare play.  In her quest for the solution to the puzzle she is joined by Ben Pearl who claims  to be Roz's nephew appointed by her to protect Kate. Their search and their flight from others attempting to find the missing play lead them across continents with a trail of victims all murdered in accordance with Shakespeare plots.

Interred With Their Bones is a stimulating glimpse into scholarly research in famous libraries.  The action is fast paced with thrills galore.  The chemistry between Kate and Ben is electrifying.  The characters are colorful and devious. This is a plot with mystery, murder and literary stimulation.

Carrell revived thoughts of long ago college English Lit 101 and our discussions (sometimes as I recall rather heated ) about William Shakespeare and who he was (since so few facts about his life are known) and did he really write all those plays.  The questions were never settled and they still are asked without a definite answer.  I think they never will be.  But it is a book such as Interred With Their Bones that keeps the questions alive and our curiosity aroused once again.

Highly recommended not only for enjoyable reading but also for stimulating curiosity and imagination.

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Plume / Penguin Group
September 2008
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2008
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