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The Iron Tongue of Midnight
Tito Amato series #4

by Beverle Graves Myers

      Tito Amato and his brother-in-law, the artist Gussie Rumbolt, have been booked to perform at the countryside villa of a wealthy entrepreneur. Vincenzo Dolfini wants Gussie to paint country scenes, while his wife, Octavia, is backing a new opera. But despite the rural beauty of the villa, strange things soon start to happen. A troublemaking character from the past appears, and a dead body is found, killed in a bizarre way with a clock pendulum. But nobody knows who the dead man is, and the only constable is away hunting, so it is time for Tito and Gussie to start sleuthing again.

This series has long since reached the point where the characters seem like old friends, and as well as a new plot and new setting, readers can welcome hearing the latest news about what they have been up to. Tito continues to make an excellent narrator, aided and abetted by the likable Gussie. Add a cast of colorful folk and an isolated villa, and you have all the ingredients for a classic style country house murder mystery! There is something of an Agatha Christie feeling here, which is all to the good, as surely a large number of whodunit lovers cut their reading teeth on her books. This is not a long book, but nicely packed with incident, a complex plot and some unusual locations, as well an underused period. This is the fourth novel in the series, and it just gets better all the time, falling as it does in that special place between cozy and gritty, with plenty of excitement and adventure balanced out by touches of thought-provoking realism and some tragedy. More please, and soon.

The Book

Poisoned Pen Press
15 March 2008
1590582322 / 9781590582329
Historical Crime /1740 / Country near Venice, Italy
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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