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Jupiterís Gold
Superintendent Jarrett, Inspector Grant and Sergeant Quinn Book 2

by Guy Fraser

      A customs official has been murdered, presumably because he knew that somebody had found a vast treasure and was keeping it without turning it in to the Crown.† The man was garrotted, an unusual way of killing someone but one rather like another, very different death that was put down as an accident.† Can they be connected, and if so do they have anything to do with a pair of high-class jewel thieves or a society of archaeologists who all seem to have plenty of money?† Itís another case for Superintendent Jarrett, Inspector Grant and Sergeant Quinn at Glasgow Central.

In 2007 Guy Fraser made his debut with Blade of the Assassin (also reviewed on this site).† That was an entertaining novel, but with this second entry in the series he seems to be really getting into his stride.† Mr Fraser delivers a pacy tale that not only makes for exciting reading but also conjures up a picture of mid-Victorian Glasgow at a time when everything was changing.† Railways replace coaches, bridges replace ferries and the pace quickens, distances between places becoming smaller and the groundwork of the world we know today is being laid.† This makes for a convincing backdrop to what seems to be a modern crime in many ways, and here is an author who can pack a lot of everything into a modest length of novel.† He even manages some humor, as well as a lively portrait of a commercial boarding house.† If this series continues in this vein, it will be one of the best new histmyst series dealing with the 19th century.

The Book

Robert Hale
September 2008
0709086830 / 9780709086833
Mystery / 1863 Glasgow & Environs, Scotland
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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