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The Lady of the Manor

by Chris Marr

      George Erskine is sure his beautiful, upper class wife Emily is having an affair with a local man named Edward Pilling. George is hopelessly in awe of his wife, but all she seems to do is put him down and find him a joke. Three years into their marriage and still her bedroom door remains firmly shut every night to him. He must find out about her past, why she is so obsessed with Pilling and why she refuses to consummate their marriage.

This is a real old-fashioned murder mystery, complete with sinister housekeeper, forbidden passions, wily inspectors and high courtroom drama. Edwardian country life with its manors, picnics and class-consciousness comes to vibrant life in Mr. Marrís first book. To its detriment, George seems rather too weak to be believed at times and it is hard to sympathize with somebody so obviously their own worst enemy. But I didnít guess whodunit, and the tension builds admirably both during the writerís tangible descriptions of a seething Edwardian summer and in the courtroom. If this new writer comes up with a better protagonist I look forward to reading more of these gripping mysteries.

The Book

Robert Hale
March 2008
Historical Crime / 1903 Hampshire, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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