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The Manor of Death
Crowner John de Wolfe series #12

by Bernard Knight

      Sir John de Wolfe, coroner of Devon, is back with his two trusty sidekicks for the twelfth in this popular series. This time a body has been found in Axmouth, not washed in from the sea but hastily buried. The townsfolk seem suspicious and shifty; can some of the seamen be involved in smuggling and piracy?

One of the joys of opening a book from a long running series is not merely a new mystery to solve, but to catch up with the charactersí lives. John not only has to get to the bottom of the Axmouth murder and hunt down some pirates, but he also has woman trouble closer to home and gets to meet King Richard again. There are helpful maps, a useful and quite exhaustive glossary and even a brief authorís note about Axmouth, and why the characters do not sound more "Olde Englishe". It all adds up to a heady brew with plenty of adventures, the 12th century equivalent of a police procedural as well as the main charactersí private lives. I donít claim to be a medieval scholar but this series always has the ring of truth about it, and you can trust this author not to insert any paranormal episodes. More please, and keep them coming!

The Book

Simon & Schuster UK
7 April 2008
0743294998 / 9780743294997
Historical Mystery / 1196 Devon & France
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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