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Murder In Gotham
Weiss & Weiss Mysteries, #2

by Isidore Haiblum

      Murder in Gotham follows New York Confidential in the Weiss & Weiss series. This episode has Weiss making a deal with the local union to find a missing man. Pretty soon two other men on Weiss’ list come up missing. When Weiss finally does find them, they’re both dead. Weiss combs the Lower East Side for his man, and finds everything but. The more he looks, the deeper he gets - into gambling, the police, and favors.

Weiss is well dressed, attractive, and confident. He’s quick of wit. Nothing seems to affect him. His girlfriend, Ida, is talented and beautiful. At times he actually contemplates marriage. The 40s era is prominent. The dialogue is believable. And the characters atypical, which makes this a joy to read. Each chapter begins with a Weissism straight out of his case books. They are perfect examples of his self-assured character. The storyline reminds me of the old movies, which may be why I enjoyed it so much. I was truly entertained without the blood and gore normally written into gangster era mysteries. Highly recommended.

The Book

January 2, 2008
0425219070 / 978-0425219072
Historical Mystery / 1940s / Cozy
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