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The Paths of the Air
A Hawkenlye Mystery - Book 11

by Alys Clare

      Sir Josse d’Acquin is gloomily contemplating his current existence when his reverie is interrupted by the arrival of a stranger. The man looks like a Saracen and wants a place to stay for a while; his name is John Damianos and Josse thinks he might be the abandoned servant of a returning knight. But the man unexpectedly vanishes - where has he gone, and why? Josse thinks that his missing lodger has come to a bad end when a mutilated body is found on the edge of the forest but is this the same man? Soon Josse and Abbess Helewise are caught up in a desperate pursuit to not only find out whodunit, but prevent several other deaths.

I always used to enjoy Ms. Clare’s early books, which were straight medieval whodunits, and was dismayed when a strong "woo-woo" element burst in and took the whole scenario hostage. At long last she has returned to her earlier style (or maybe the druids are having a vacation) and has produced a jolly good tale replete with Knights Hospitaller, sinister Saracens, stolen treasure, fleeing fugitives and ruthless assassins. In short, these stories are good on their own and do not need all that New Age rubbish to prop them up. Dare we hope this otherwise fine series is reverting to its former glory? I really do hope so.

The Book

Severn House
May 2008
0727866362 / 9780727866363
Mystery - 1196 Kent, England
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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