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A Poisoned Season
Lady Emily Ashton series, book 2

by Tasha Alexander

      High society is agog as the Season commences, for the urbane Charles Berry has arrived on the scene, direct descendent of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.† He plans to claim the throne of France, and first he needs a bride.† There is also a daring and elusive cat burglar at large, stealing items once belonging to Marie Antoinette.† When a man dies and his maid is accused of the deed, Lady Emily Ashton is keen to try and discover who really is behind the murder, and hopefully the burglaries as well.

If you have read And Only To Deceive (also reviewed on this site) then you will know about the partnership between Emily and Colin Hargreaves.† Recovered from mourning her husband, Emily is still keen to set society by the ears and be a woman in her own right, despite the machinations of others.† Fans of writers of Regency romances might enjoy this story of the Season at the opposite end of the 19th century, although due to the character of the protagonist details remain scanty as she prefers learning Greek to exchanging gossip.

The romance part of the story is rather lukewarm, and the mystery is rather the same; if you like your mysteries suspenseful and exciting look elsewhere.† As with the first book, Emily tells the story in her own words, describing the frustration of being a woman in a manís world and, despite her wealth and beauty, not finding a lot of joy in life.† I found myself wondering what this book really had to add to the vast canon of fiction dealing with this popular period, and failing to find its appeal.† I tried very hard to enjoy it — if you liked the first in the series you will no doubt love it.

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0061174211 / 9780061174216
Historical Mystery / 1889, London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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