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by Michael Crichton

      Jack Foreman is an out of work computer programmer and project leader who once specialized in writing agent-based programs that mimic biological processes. That is, until he found out something about his boss that landed him at home with his three children and a full-time nanny position. As a result he has been black-balled and no company in The Valley will hire him. His line of work has a shelf-life and he is really feeling the pressure of finding a new position. Julia, Jack's beautiful wife, is the V.P. for a large corporation called Xemos Technology specializing in "molecular manufacturing," which is more widely referred to as Nanotechnology. The future of the company rests on her shoulders. Julia begins to behave oddly, working long hours and never keeping any of her promises to her kids. She speaks in rapid fire sentences and loses her temper frequently. Jack begins to think his wife may be having an affair. That is until the accident and a mysterious phone call requesting his services as a consultant to help with an out of control experiment, the very one his wife was working on in the desert of Nevada.

A rogue cloud of nanoparticles is on the loose. Itís killing the wildlife and it's evolving.

Prey is one of the most well explained technical thrillers I've ever read. The characters are well developed and the plot pulls you along to the very end. It's raw and exciting. The gravity of what is going on in today's laboratories—tampering in genetics, nanotechnology, and other related fields—and the effect it can have on the world we live in, is clearly outlined in this frightening look at what can happen when people fail to see things through to the end in concept before creating them in reality.

The Book

Harper Collins
October 28, 2008 (originally published in 2002)
Mass Market Paperback
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Christopher Brock-Farrington
Reviewed 2008
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