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Ringing In Murder
A Special Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery

by Kate Kingsbury

      Life is changing for†both†England and Badger Drift. First itís King Edward on the throne with more of a libertine attitude and now Madeline marrying Dr. Kevin. Madeline is a psychic who believes in natureís healing remedies whereas the good doctor believes strictly in medical science, and has yet to discover his fiancťís spiritual gift. Personal beliefs and lack of respect make the nuptials questionable.

The Pennyfoot Hotel, now known as the Pennyfoot Country Club, knows how to plan an event and Cecily knows how to solve a mystery.† This year in the midst of the Christmas celebration a double murder occurs. One of Englandís important couples is murdered by an exploding Christmas cracker. With the local constable out of town, Cecily and Baxter work quietly to solve the murders and find the second missing cracker before someone is hurt.

The Pennyfoot staff has a mystery of their own when Gertie and Pansy notice a snowman that moves around the property. Gertie senses something eerie and perilous about this holly jolly holiday symbolís behavior.

Reading a new Pennyfoot Christmas mystery each winter has fast become a tradition. The celebrations are lively, the characters entertaining. The intensity of the mystery at the front of the Hotel is balanced with the staff humor at the back. Mrs Chubbs, Gertie and Michael can be quite entertaining when in a tizzy.

The Book

Berkley Trade
November 4, 2008
042522399X / 978-0425223994
Fiction / Cozy / Historical Mystery / Early 1900s England
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2008
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