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Rock & Roll Homicide

by R.J. McDonnell

      Jason Duffy was a rock & roll musician before becoming a P.I. only two years ago. When Terry Tucker pushes the power button on the recorder and both of the cups of his headphones explode, killing him instantly, Jason is hired by Terry's widow Chelsea. Chelsea Tucker is unhappy with how the San Diego Police Department is handling the investigation into her husbandís murder and hires Jason to find the killer. Jason Duffy has dealt mostly with spouses who suspect infidelity or rich parents looking to bail their kids out of scrapes with the law—this is Jason's first homicide investigation.

Jason must determine whether or not Terry was the kind of guy who'd screw the recording company and piss them off enough for them to want him dead. Terry was believed to have been killed by the Southern California branch of the Russian Mafia, but the police think Terry's wife had the most to gain by her husbandís death.

Assaulted at gunpoint, robbed and beaten, Jason must solve this mystery with the only clue being some scrawled lyrics Terry left on a steamed bathroom mirror, containing words not relating to any of his songs. Can Jason find the killer, or is he in over his head?

Rock & Roll Homicide is an engaging mystery that takes the reader through a very detailed investigation.

The Book

Killeena Publishing
May 2008
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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