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Stalking Ivory
Jade del Cameron Series No. 2

by Suzanne Arruda

      If you read and enjoyed Mark of the Lion (also reviewed on this site) as much as I did, then you will be thrilled to see that here is another book in the series. Jade del Cameron is on a photography assignment in British East Africa in company with her friends, Avery and Beverly Dunbury. She hopes to get film in particular of elephants - but other people keep shooting them, with guns rather than cameras. When a dead man is also found among the newly slaughtered carcasses it looks as though poachers must be in the area, but Jade is not so sure. With the war a recent memory, what is Harry Hascombe doing with a party of suspicious Germans? Why does a cave reveal a cache of German rifles? Jade is determined to find out the answers.

I wondered whether such a cracking series opener would manage a second book of the same caliber but I need not have worried. This is another book in the same style, and boasting yet another inventive tale that is sure to appeal to those who love wildlife conservation as well as good adventure stories. There are even references to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan books, so truly my cup runneth over - Jade, intrepid as Nancy Drew, makes the whole thing into a Boys’ Own Paper story for a mixed audience. There is even a frisson of the supernatural, if you choose to see that part of the story in this light (wisely this is optional). The plot about poachers and endangered species makes the book appeal to modern readers, while keeping the characters’ opinions firmly in the period. I hope this series runs and runs. Hugely enjoyable? You bet!

The Book

New American Library
4 December 2007
0451221680 / 978-0451221681
Historical Crime / 1920, Kenya
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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