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Strangers In Death
Eve Dallas Series #26

by J.D. Robb
(AKA Nora Roberts)

      I have been a fan of Robbís for years, loving the exploits of police detective Eve Dallas and her hunky, rich husband, Roarke. Strangers in Death is a bit more tame than the last few in her Death series but it more than held its own when it came to unraveling the clues to reveal the murderer.

Lt. Eve Dallas is a homicide cop who is more than ready for some down time with her delicious better half, after closing a case of multiple homicides... but duty calls. She leaves a warm bed to brave the cold, slick streets of New York. This time, the vic is a businessman who has been found in a highly sexual position. Is it a case of a sex game gone bad, or as Eve soon discovers, murder by stealth.

While she is trying to solve this crime, she is also asked to look at what will soon be a cold case. As she picks clues and witnesses apart, she discovers both cases could be connected. To add to her problems, her able-bodied partner, tried and true Peabody, is coping with insecurities about her companion, not to mention having to appear on television to give a report on the first crime.

As always, Eve is the target of anyone who has a beef and ends up with a black eye, which makes Roarke want to step in and rescue her. It's a bone of contention that has caused problems in the past, and could in the future, as does Eveís stubborn refusal to accept money from her several times over millionaire husband.

Soon, all her hard work pays off, and she begins to reel in not one but two participants in the murder cases. For Eve, itís all in a dayís work, but for Roarke it means once again his hardheaded but softhearted wife can come home safely. His biggest fear is that he will someday lose her in the line of duty.

The Book

G.P. Putnamís Sons
December 2007
Advance Review Copy - Hardcover
Futuristic Romance / Mystery
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NOTE: Explicit sexual content, peppered with strong language and violence

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2008
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